Monday, January 18, 2010

Dinty Moore's Google Map Essay

Dinty Moore's essay "Stalking George Plimpton: A Google Map Essay" written via, you guessed it, Google Maps utilizing the "directions" dialogue bubble was a clever way to map out a stalking of George Plimpton, but what was so fascinating to me was that I was there at the final scene. I, too, met Mr. Plimption at the book signing Dinty Moore describes in his last post. I was in the signing line, too, and after telling Mr. Plimpton that, like himself, I had been a fellow pugilist (well, having worked for Mike Tyson), he had asked me to step aside and wait until he finished signing books. Then he gave me a book of his, Shadow Boxing, and signed it." So, I was there, waiting, when Dinty Moore and Mr. Plimpton had their little joke! We wandered off to a corner where we talked for an hour, until the bookstore had boxed all their books and everyone except Mr. Plimpton's driver had gone home.

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Moore's Essay

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